Betty did not come to painting early in her life.

Her professional career was in the field of education where she held a variety of district and school administrative positions as well as serving as a classroom teacher for 12 years. Her background experience ranges from primary to adult education.
After retirement she worked for and continues to work for an international consulting company as a program consultant for the Ministry of Education in British Columbia.

This involves working with an Offshore School in China and the Ministry of Education of British Columbia. She has been a lead auditor for the Ministry of Education for many years and was a doctoral advisor for fifteen years.

Betty is the author of a book on involving parents in education and the third edition is coming out in April 2016. This book has remained a best seller since the first publication in 1996.  Thus, her creative energy was in the art of writing.

It was only in the past two years that she picked up painting tools when a friend challenged her to do so. Since that time she has never stopped painting and her art has become her passion.

Her pictures are simple with strong lines and bold features.  Each painting has a story of origin.

Betty’s eclectic style is a result of all the different mediums and artifacts available. Her favorite style of painting is with acrylics but she readily uses whatever can add impact or quality to her work. 

She continues to expand and explore.
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